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NexGen is your One Stop Shop for all your boating needs. We offer the best customer service and competitive pricing. We are here to serve your needs.

Getting your assets detailed shouldn't be an excruciating errand, or an Irritating transaction. Getting great customer service shouldn't be a micro-management process or a frustrating event. If you have ever experienced any of these, don't worry, NexGen IS YOUR SOLUTION TO ALL YOU MAY NEED!

We are fully mobile and completely self contained.

Why make an errand to wash your Boat, house, dock, automobiles, or toys ect... for some fun, when NEXGEN can do it it for you while you are at work or shopping? Why take time out of your weekend or day to manage tasks, just call NEXGEN and watch, while you relax? We will make it as easy and worry free as possible!

With South Florida being one of the largest boating communities in the world, many of you know the frustrations of keeping your expensive boat or yacht looking pristine. When you hire NexGen, you don't just get the highest quality of work, you also get piece of mind knowing that the job will be completed on time and at a very competitive price.

We offer monthly maintenance plans on all assets from houses to toys as well. By hiring US, you will never have to worry again, oh and your boat will forget what the word "oxidation" means!

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Services include (but are not limited to):

weekly/bi-weekly wash downs, wet sand, compound, wax, vinyl restoration and protection, bright work polish, bottom paint application, lettering/name removal, Isonglass clean and protect, non-skid clean and protect... and much more!

Toys or trailers:

weekly/bi-weekly washing, regular Wash, Wax, compound, headlight Restoration, leather condition, steam clean carpets, engine degrease, clay bar, odor removal, tint removal... and much more!


Members May opt for things like:


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